The Best Business Checking Account for Your LLC: How to Find and Choose One

8 Best Business Checking Accounts for Your LLC

  1. Kabbage Business Checking: Best for LLCs that want a competitive APY.
  2. BlueVine Business Checking Account: Best for LLCs that want digital banking and ATM access.
  3. Chase Business Checking Accounts: Best for LLCs that want a traditional bank.
  4. Brex Cash: Best for ecommerce LLCs or those who normally spend a lot on a debit card.
  5. Capital One Business Checking Accounts: Best for LLCs with high transaction volume.
  6. Bank of America Business Checking Accounts: Best for LLCs who make frequent cash deposits.
  7. Wells Fargo Business Checking Accounts: Best for small but growing LLCs.
  8. Axos Business Checking Accounts: Best for real estate LLCs.

Once you’ve established your LLC, setting up a business checking account is the natural next step. Why? A dedicated business bank account draws a clear line between company and personal finances, helping to safeguard limited liability protections for the business’s owners.

The account you choose should match the needs and priorities of your business, whether that means a digital bank with unlimited transactions or a brick-and-mortar bank with a branch on nearly every corner.

This list of the best business checking accounts for LLCs will run through some of the top options and break down the information you need to decide which is the right account for you.

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